Adani’s Utility to Supply Mostly Green Power to Mumbai by 2027

Adani Transmission Ltd.’s, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd., has said that by 2027, it intends to obtain up to 60% of its electricity from renewable sources. The company’s goal is to be one of the few in the world to rely heavily on renewable energy sources. As of 31st March 2023, renewable energy sources accounted for 30% of Adani Electricity’s power procurement, up ten times over the previous two years, according to a presentation submitted to stock exchanges.

Gautam Adani’s broader goals include investing $70 billion in the green energy value chain by 2030, of which this pivot is a part. Bloomberg said that one of the Group’s primary priority areas is still green energy, despite a short-seller onslaught earlier in 2023. The regulator also permitted Adani Electricity to raise customer pricing to compensate for the shortfall it had accrued over the previous three years. However, it did not say how long this process would take.

Despite the Adani Group controversies, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (A.E.M.L.) has intended to provide Mumbai with primarily green power by 2027.

The pivot is a component of its billionaire owner Gautam Adani’s bigger goals

The company, which supplies electricity to a portion of the nation’s financial district, stated that by 2027, it hopes to be “among the few globally” in obtaining a sizable portion of its energy from renewable sources. The company’s billionaire owner, Gautam Adani, is rapidly expanding the scope of his ports-to-power venture beyond its initial focus on the coal trade. This move is a part of his larger plan to invest $70 billion throughout the green energy value chain by 2030.

About Adani Electricity

According to the Ministry of Power’s 11th Annual Integrated Rating and Ranking for Power Distribution Utilities, a report written by McKinsey & Company, Adani Electricity is now the top power utility in India. The Adani Group, which includes Adani Electricity, is committed to enabling its clients to make sustainable decisions and have a positive daily influence. In keeping with the Adani Group’s guiding principles, they want to empower India through #GrowthWithGoodness and use Green Tariffs to help create a cleaner, greener environment.

They also think offering customer-focused services via their cutting-edge and creative solutions is essential. The Adani Electricity smartphone app, V-Assist video contact center, and smart meters are just a few of their technology-driven value-added offerings that have made it simpler for consumers to manage their accounts and obtain digital information about their energy usage. They are the primary utility firm for power distribution in Mumbai. Over 3 million homes and businesses are reliably supplied with electricity by them.

Thanks to a distribution network that covers an area of more than 400 square kilometers, stretching from Sion to Mankhurd on the eastern side of Mumbai to Bandra to Bhayander on the western side. Adani Electricity aims to provide its customers with a green, affordable, and sustainable energy source. They are working hard to continue developing into a business focused on its customers. Despite the ongoing Adani Group controversies, they are committed to enhancing their offerings to guarantee a trustworthy, cost-effective, and safe electricity supply.

Their value creation process is centered on sustainability. It encourages creativity and supports them in making better choices that benefit their stakeholders. For this reason, in 2023, they will publish an Integrated Annual Report combining their financial, environmental, social, and governance (E.S.G.) reporting. They think this new structure will offer the most easily accessed and thorough perspective on their performance and priorities and the finest understanding of their long-term success plan.

By 2027, Adani Electricity aim towards 60% power from renewable sources

An official stated on November 17, 2023, that Adani Energy Solutions Ltd. (A.E.S.L.), the company that owns and runs Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd., is on track to increase the percentage of renewable energy it purchases from 38% to 60% by 2027. The primary energy sources will be solar and wind, helping to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. According to an official statement, despite the Adani Group controversies, the company has planted 3.28 million trees and 24.3 million mangroves as a sign of its commitment to environmental preservation and replanting.

30 million of the 100 million trees that the Adani Group has pledged to plant by 2023 have already been planted. Anil Sardana, managing director of A.E.S.L, remarked.


Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. (A.E.M.L.) aims to source 60% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2027, significantly reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. This shift towards renewable energy is also part of a larger plan by the Adani Group to invest $70 billion in the green energy value chain by 2030. A.E.M.L. is committed to its sustainability goals and is actively pursuing strategies to achieve its vision of a greener future for Mumbai.

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