Gifting Dry Fruits: Why you should visit a Dry Fruit Store this Winter

In the country of Pakistan, if there is one activity that is a quintessential part of the winter experience, it is the widespread consumption and giving of dry fruits to each other. So much so that visiting a dry fruit store, as well as sitting together to chat and eat dry fruits are considered winter-specific social activities on their own.

Although consuming them is very common, there is very little material online as to how you should go about your shop experience when you intend to gift these dry fruits to someone else.

So in this article, we will tell you about all the intricacies that there are to know about gifting dry fruits to your loved ones.

Dry Fruit Store: In-Person or Online

A very important thing to consider when going about purchasing dry fruits for any purpose is to consider whether you want to buy them from an online store or if you want to go to a physical, dry fruit shop to obtain them.

If you ask us, it has become easy enough and reliable enough in today’s day and age to get good quality dry fruit products on online platforms in both higher variety as well as often better prices than physical stores.

In addition, there is the benefit of getting the products at your doorstep, without ever having to leave your house or spend your time searching for things like dry fruit shop near me in Lahore or something along those lines.

Keeping that in mind, we will focus in this article, for the most part on online purchasing. But that does not mean that the information that we give you in this article will not apply to physical stores as well, other than minor differences that would mostly be easy to figure out.

Dry Fruit Gift Basket

To talk about the gifting of dry fruits in Pakistan, we have to talk about the concept of the dry fruit gift basket. The gift basket is the most popular method for giving dry fruits as a gift to your loved ones. These decorative baskets are filled with a combination of multiple different kinds of dry fruits put together in an appealing manner, making them the perfect ready-made purchase option for gifting a loved one dry fruit.

Here, we can find another benefit of going about your purchasing online rather than in person. The options for a dried fruit basket tend to be very limited in terms of both availability as well as variety when it comes to physical stores. You might go to five different stores and find the same exact non-satisfactory gift box at all five stores.

At an online store, on the other hand, not only can you get the gift baskets in virtually any quantity that you require, but you will also find different options in terms of the combinations of dry fruits that are included in the box, as well as the number of varieties. You can also get, if you decide to, a gift box that contains only one particular dry fruit, like a box of ajwa dates, for example, which is very common.

Gift Basket: The Best Options

Now, we will tell you what might be some of the best options of dry fruit to include in your gift basket to make for a gift that will be loved by your friends and family (and also be bearable on your wallet).


Everyone loves dates. They are not only sweet, but also beneficial for you health-wise. They are often called the candy of nature because of their much-enjoyed sweet taste. In addition to this, the multiple varieties of dates that are available in Pakistan mean that you can often add them to your gift baskets without worrying too much about the price.

Dried Apricots

Known locally as dry khubani, dried apricots are also a great addition to your dry fruit gift baskets. These small, round, jelly-like golden morsels are some of the most delicious tasting dry fruits that are out there and are a much-loved snack food, especially amongst children.


The third dry fruit that we would recommend to make part of your gift, especially as a part of a pack of mixed dry fruits, is the Anjeer. The Anjeer is known for its unique sugar-like taste and the crunchy texture to go along with it, as well as its various health benefits. Beyond the high fiber and potassium content, it also contains unique reproductive health benefits that it has been employed for many centuries.


A good dry fruit to include in your gift basket if you want to go a little extravagant but still not go too extreme could be the pista. But, considering the pistachio price in Pakistan, you might want to keep to smaller portions, combining it with other cheaper dry fruits to balance your gift basket out.

Closing Thoughts

The ease that online shopping has brought to the age-old tradition of gifting dry fruits to your loved ones is undeniable. We hope that this article gave you some tips and ideas for when you set out to gift dry fruits to your loved ones this winter season.

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