How Big is Tamriel?

The Elder Scrolls world is Tamriel. It spans an area about ten times the size of Great Britain, yet it has vast territories with little player activity night cloaked deck, populated by monsters and NPCs.

The map is not to scale and all distances vary. Keep in mind that the maps we provide are about as big as they can be without making console commands necessary. How big is the population of tamriel

We Give A Number of Them for Perspective:

From Dagger fall, the entire province of Hammerfell would fit into Cyrodiil, roughly 1/3 its size. From Morrowind, the entire province of High Rock is about as large as Skyrim. From Oblivion, the region of Cyrodiil that includes Skin grad is roughly half the size of Vardenafil from Morrowind. The island containing Anvil and Kvatch would fit inside Black Marsh. Both regions are roughly equal in size.

In the province of Elsweyr, the land around Riverhold is about the size of Cyrodiil, while the rest of the province is about 1/5 its size. Tamriel’s largest region is Skyrim which takes up about 3/4 of Tamriel. Summerset Isle and Valenwood are about the same size, while Morrowind is 1/5 the size of Skyrim.

Dagger fall is the smallest province in Tamriel, being only about 1/10th the size of Skyrim. Hammerfell is about the same size as High Rock, Cyrodiil is about twice the size of Morrowind, and Black Marsh is almost four times the size of High Rock.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in Cyrodiil which is about the same size as the region of Skyrim from Oblivion, and roughly 87% of Morrowind (not including Vvardenfell). From Arena, Summerset Isle and Valenwood would fit into Skyrim with room to spare! Black Marsh is about 1/3 the size of Hammerfell, Cyrodiil is about twice the size of Morrowind, and Elsweyr is almost four times the size of Hammerfell.

How To Measure Tamriel’s Size

There are several ways to measure Tamriel’s size. The first is to look at it in terms of square miles. If we did that, we’d find out that Tamriel is about 10,000 square miles. Another way to look at it would be in terms of how many miles 1 degree of longitude would span. 1 degree of longitude equals roughly 69 miles which means Tamriel spans just over 1,400 miles from north to south. We can also say that the distance separating the east most and westmost points in tamriel trade centeris about 3,000 miles. By comparison, the land area of Earth is 510 million square miles.

  • If we just looked at the map with no towns or roads on it, then all of Tamriel would be covered with about 6 inches of water. However, the coastlines extend to about three times that long.
  • Another interesting fact is that Tamriel’s land area is about 3/4ths the size of Africa, but only has a little over 1/3rd the population of Europe.
  • If we were to look at tamriel rebuilt in terms of kilometers, it would span 22.9 million km²! Earth measures 510 million km² in total.
  • In the game, there are vast areas of tamriel map with little player activity. The province of Elsweyr is a great example of this. It has an area of about 9,000 km², but only has a population of around 2,500 people. This means that there is an uninhabited area that is about 15 times the size of Elsweyr.
  • The province of Skyrim would stretch from Boston, Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon if laid down in real life! If we were to look at it in terms of kilometers, Skyrim is about half the size of Africa.

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