How does one qualify for the Dubai Golden Visa under the investor category?

Qualifying for the Dubai Golden Visa under the investor category involves meeting specific criteria set by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. The Golden Visa is a long-term residency program that allows investors and other key groups such as entrepreneurs, specialized talents, and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge to live, work, and study in the UAE with 100% ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland. Below is an in-depth guide on how to qualify for the Dubai Golden Visa under the investor category, structured with headings for clarity.

Introduction to the Dubai Golden Visa

The Dubai Golden Visa is part of the UAE’s initiative to attract skilled and affluent individuals to the country, fostering a more diversified and dynamic economy. This visa provides a host of benefits including long-term residency, ease of doing business, and a path to bringing family members to live in the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria for Investors

To be eligible for the Golden Visa under the investor category, individuals must invest in property or a business within the UAE. There are specific financial thresholds and conditions that must be met, which include:

Real Estate Investment

  • Minimum Investment: Investors need to purchase a property worth at least AED 2 million (approximately $545,000). The investment can be in one or multiple properties, provided the total value meets the minimum requirement.
  • Type of Property: The property must be residential and can either be off-plan from approved developers or a completed property. Commercial properties do not qualify for the Golden Visa under the real estate category.
  • Ownership Status: The property must be fully paid for and not under any mortgage. Proof of payment and ownership is required during the application process.

Business Investment

  • Minimum Investment: There is a minimum investment requirement in a new or existing business within the UAE. The exact amount can vary and is subject to approval by the UAE authorities.
  • Business Criteria: The business must contribute to the economic growth of the UAE. This is often evaluated in terms of job creation, innovation, or relevance to the UAE’s strategic sectors.

Application Process

The application process for the Dubai Golden Visa under the investor category involves several steps:

  1. Initial Eligibility Check: Applicants must first ensure they meet the investment criteria. This can be done by consulting with the Dubai Land Department for real estate investments or the respective Free Zone authorities or the Department of Economic Development for business investments.
  2. Required Documentation: Applicants must prepare all necessary documentation, including proof of investment, passport copies, current visa status (if applicable), Emirates ID (for current UAE residents), and other personal identification documents.
  3. Submission and Review: Applications can be submitted online through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. The authorities will review the application and investment documents to ensure compliance with the Golden Visa requirements.
  4. Medical Examination and Emirates ID Application: Approved applicants will undergo a medical examination and apply for an Emirates ID, which is a mandatory identification card for all UAE residents.
  5. Visa Issuance: Once all steps are completed successfully, the Golden Visa will be issued, granting the investor long-term residency in the UAE.

Benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa

Holding a Golden Visa comes with several advantages, including:

  • Long-term Residency: The Golden Visa is issued for either 5 or 10 years and is automatically renewable as long as the eligibility criteria continue to be met.
  • Family Sponsorship: Golden Visa holders can sponsor their family members, including spouses and children, regardless of their ages, as well as domestic staff.
  • Business Ownership: Investors can own 100% of their business on the UAE’s mainland.
  • No Minimum Stay Requirement: Unlike other visas, Golden Visa holders are not required to maintain a minimum period of stay within the UAE, providing greater flexibility for global entrepreneurs and investors.


Qualifying for the Dubai Golden Visa under the investor category requires significant financial investment in either real estate or a business within the UAE. The application process is straightforward but requires careful preparation of documents and compliance with the investment criteria. The benefits of the Golden Visa, including long-term residency, family sponsorship, and business ownership, make it an attractive option for investors looking to establish a base in the UAE. It is advisable to consult with legal and financial advisors in the UAE to ensure a smooth application process and compliance with all regulations.

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