Incense Sticks or Cones: Which One is the Best Choice?

Scented incenses are the best way to create magic, positive, and peaceful surroundings. The most amazing part is that they are available in a huge variety. Be it rose or lavender, you can have the best options. When you have so many options around, it is obvious to get puzzled. If we talk about the types, you can choose between incense sticks and incense cones as per your purposes, choices, range, and more. Today, in this blog, we will help you know the difference between incense sticks and cones so that you can decide better when exploring the Divineshree range. 

So, let us begin.

Incense sticks and cones: a detailed comparison

Incense is something that has been here for hundreds and thousands of years due to its spiritual and aromatic properties. As mentioned above, incenses are mainly available in the form of cones and sticks. Hence, each of them will have their own traits and benefits.

Firstly, understand incense sticks. These are wooden sticks with aromatic material placed on the thin bamboos. Manufactures create the paste with the help of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, spices, herbs, etc. When it comes to the uses, the same depends on the duration you want for your place. For instance, cones are good for smaller space as they offer short burning time. Similarly, sticks come with longer hours of uses and good for bigger spaces.

What is the best way to decide between incense sticks and cones?

Multiple factors are there that you must consider while choosing between these two. Before you get one from Divineshree, look at the following for a better understanding:

  • Fragrance Intensity: This is one of the main factors to decide between these two. These sticks have more strong aroma as they are used for longer hours and bigger spaces. With incense cons, you can expect delicate yet quick aroma.
  • Ease: When you need something that is hassle-free to burn and place, you must try incense sticks as they do not take more time to be burned. Cones, on the other hand, will need some patience while burning and a holder, of course, for safe placement.
  • Expected Experience: When you want to enjoy continuous sweet aroma, incense sticks should be used. For shorter period of uses, cones can be a perfect pick. However, both are good for enhancing your experience while meditating, practicing yoga, or offering prayers to your deities.

Difference between incense sticks and incense cones

To understand the difference better, we have listed a few pointers below.

  • Cones are cone-shaped but sticks are straight and long.
  • With cones, you will get fast burning but sticks can stay longer.
  • In cones, less smoke is produced but sticks produce more.
  • To enjoy concentrated aroma, cones are the best.
  • For subtle aroma, incense sticks are the best.
  • Sticks are easy to handle but cones will need special care.
  • Cones are good for small spaces while sticks are perfect for larger rooms.

Difference between sticks and cones based on the occasion

As mentioned above, these incense sticks and cones come with different characteristics, the uses will also depend on the occasion. Here are some uses that will help you decide better:

  • Whether you are involved in meditation, yoga, or other religious activities, incense can help you make things better. When you want longer hour of burning or have a wider space, then incense sticks are the best choice. For smaller spaces and reduced burning time, you can use cones. However, be selective for the aroma you pick.
  • No matter what your space or activity is all about, incense sticks as well as incense cones can be used for creating a relaxed aura. You can try the fragrances such as jasmine, rose, lavender, etc. offered by Divineshree for the best results.
  • Do you want to use them for a therapeutic purpose? If yes, then using incense sticks and cones with some essential oils around will help you serve the purpose.

Final words

By making the right choice as per the occasion and needs, you can make the best use of these aromatic partners. While choosing, do not forget to consider your personal choices, needs, and mood. To learn more about the popular fragrances and buy some, you can visit the online store cum official website of Divineshree.

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