Is Narcisse Perfume For Women the Right Choice for Lady?

This is a feminine fragrance that will leave you feeling beautiful and elegant. Its enchanting scent is perfect for everyday wear. Its top notes include bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom. Its heart includes jasmine and narcissus. Its base includes musk and cedar.

An equivocal signature fragrance, the composition of exceptional ingredients opposes two opposites. The freshness of neroli reveals its radiant facets, while Mysore sandalwood imposes its powerful velvety effect on the perfume trail.

It is a feminine fragrance

A fragrance that is soft and delicate, Narcisse Perfume for Women is a feminine perfume that captures the essence of the flower. Its blend of floral notes combines perfectly with wood and vanilla, making it the perfect scent for a romantic evening. This perfume is ideal for women who want to embrace their femininity and natural beauty. The scent is subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, but can also be worn for more formal occasions.

This floral fragrance is dominated by the note of narcissus. It is a very feminine scent with a bitter touch. The top notes include peach, pineapple, and sweet orange blossom. The heart includes gardenia, carnation, and jasmine. The base contains sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. This perfume was launched in 1992.

This perfume is a modern oriental that is sexy and sensual. It is perfect for a woman who wants to make a lasting impression. It is a great choice for the workplace or a night out with friends. To get the best results from this perfume, spray it directly on your skin. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after spraying, as this will prevent the perfume from sticking to your skin. This will help the scent last longer and ensure that you don’t stain your clothes. When you wear this fragrance, everyone will notice it.

It is a floral fragrance

This floral fragrance is for the woman who embraces her femininity and natural beauty. Its blend of Asian florals evokes the sweet, romantic aroma of a spring day. This perfume also contains hints of wood and musk that add a sensual touch to the fragrance. Its elegant bottle makes this perfume a great gift for the women in your life.

The narcissus used to make this fragrance comes from the French Aubrac mountains. It takes almost 1,600 kilograms of these flowers to produce a single kilogram of its narcissus absolute, which is both powerful and delicate. Perfumer Marie Hugentobler accentuates the opposing sides of this precious flower in the scent. To the radiant and fresh facets of the neroli, she adds the green notes of petitgrain and the honeyed animal nuances of orange blossom absolute. These two opposites create a unique and mysterious perfume trail.

A modern vintage, this fragrance is an homage to the bold classics of French perfume. Its complex base includes genuine oakmoss and reveals new faces with every wear. Its narcissus dreamy accord is enhanced by real botanical absolutes and resins, making it a true chypre.

This perfume is a classic for women. Its floral fragrance is balanced by a woody base of cedar, musk, and vanilla. Its elegant, feminine bottle is shaped like a narcissus flower and is adorned with a gold-plated cap. The narcissus perfume is a beautiful addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

It is a woody fragrance

Perfumes are made of a combination of top, middle and base notes. The top notes hit first and fade within a few minutes, followed by the middle notes that last for about an hour. The base notes are the most long-lasting and are what most people remember about a scent. This fragrance has a soft and romantic feel to it, and is perfect for daytime wear.

A fresh and sensual floral, this perfume is a delicate blend of rose, jasmine, and narcissus, topped with precious woods and vanilla. It is the perfect choice for a woman who wants to show off her natural beauty. This perfume is a great choice for the office, or any occasion where you want to impress.

The perfumer Marie Hugentobler chose the exceptional narcissus from the French Aubrac mountains, which requires more than 1,600 kilograms of wild flowers to produce just one kilogram of absolute. This is a rare and valuable ingredient that is at the heart of this perfume, which reveals its many facets: the radiant narcissus combines with its dark side, enhanced by the honeyed animal nuances of petitgrain. The velvety richness of mysore sandalwood completes this extraordinary bouquet.

Before applying perfume, make sure your skin is hydrated. A little spritz of AmeRu Hydrating Body Creme will prolong the life of your perfume. Apply it behind the ears, on the neck and base of your throat. Remember to spray 30cm away from your clothes to prevent staining.

It is a chypre fragrance

The perfumer’s choice of women narcisse Perfume absolute, harvested from the rugged Aubrac mountains (where 1,600 kilograms of flowers are needed to produce just one kilogram of absolute), highlights this flower’s powerful and delicate facets. It plays a duet with the woody, resinous facets of oakmoss and labdanum in this classic chypre. The result is a perfume that’s both elegant and evocative, an emblem of a bygone era of bold vintage fragrances.

It’s easy to be distracted by the gorgeous narcissus in this perfume, but don’t forget about the rest of the composition. It’s the best of its kind: a sophisticated chypre that’s not just for spring and summer. It’s also suitable for fall and early winter, thanks to the natural oakmoss/labdanum two-step going on in the base.

Unlike many of today’s perfumes, which are filled with artificial musks to add depth and sillage, this perfume features a blend of real oakmoss and labdanum that has a similar effect as civet or muscone. It’s a reminder that real ingredients can give more character and complexity than mass-produced perfume chemicals.

It’s also worth noting that this is the only perfume in the line that uses real, expensive botanical absolutes. This helps to ensure that the perfume will last as long as possible. Whether you’re a fan of narcissus or just want to experience what a genuine chypre can smell like, this perfume is worth trying out.


In conclusion, Narcisse Perfume for Women emerges as a compelling choice for the modern lady seeking a fragrance that embodies versatility, elegance, and individuality. Its intricate composition, timeless appeal, long-lasting presence, and celebration of femininity make it a fragrance that resonates with a diverse audience. Ultimately, the decision to embrace Narcisse as the right choice depends on personal preferences and the desire for a perfume that not only complements various aspects of life but also becomes a signature scent, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever the modern lady goes.

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