Modern Living in Darwin: Find Your Ideal Apartment for Rent

With more than 140 thousand people inhabiting Darwin, it is one of the exotic locations to stay in the Northern Territory of Australia. This place also has a pleasant tropical climate, and you will often experience the mild sea breezes from the Darwin harbour. 

There are plenty of beautiful apartments for rent in Darwin that facilitate family and company accommodation needs. In this guide, you will read about the wide range of possibilities one can experience after applying for a property in this city.

Modish Property Options that You May Rent in Darwin

Selecting the right accommodation type is a big step towards attaining personal and professional contentment. At Habitat Real Estate, the employees perceive this emotional factor very well and have carefully arranged a diverse portfolio of properties:

1. Stand Alone Townhouse

If you prioritise tranquillity over the urban flurry, go for this option. Upon renting this place, you will get a four-bedroom and two-bathroom package with a lavish courtyard and noiseless swimming pool area. The property stands along 1/15 Bayview Street. This spot is a 5-minute walk from the gorgeous East Point reserve and enjoys a favourable position outside the main market area.

2. Tropical Home

Do you wish to move to a spectacular family property amidst the popular setting of Fannie Bay?

The tropical house resting along 3 Clancy Street can be a suitable preference for you. Thanks to the active cooperation from the landlord, this picturesque stay has undergone elaborate renovation and thereby adopted a lush tropical look. This fully furnished home is a paradise for travellers visiting Darwin for a memorable getaway. 

3. Family Home

Assuming the needs of professionals seeking a calm stay with their families over a week or two, Habitat Real Estate has tailored a few stays. In the middle of the peaceful Durack Heights, you will find a fancy property that offers sumptuous furniture and selected amenities. These homes lure the finest of aesthetes across Australia and even overseas.

Some other rental family homes that support a modern lifestyle include the one at 41/14 Salonika Street and a panoramic villa at 35 Bayview Boulevard. The latter stay will be a joy to your senses as you witness a delightful outdoor oasis as the boats arrive and set sail.

4. Unfurnished Bungalow

A 3-bedroom lavish bungalow awaits the tenants who always wished to move to a finer property to elevate their sense of life. The blissful accommodation at 28 Headley Place will surely bring amazement to greenery lovers. It is entirely custom-built and looks over to the Palmerston Gold Course, a stunning golf playground accessible throughout the week. This stay has been ideal for those wishing to stay in the quieter corners of Durack.

Things to Check Before Accepting Furnished Apartments for Rent

Although fully furnished stays give off an overall perfect vibe, still, as a responsible tenant, you must ensure to verify a few pointers, as follows:

1. Location

Verifying this aspect must be the foremost concern for furnished stays and any accommodation. There’s no justification for selecting a lavish property that requires walking through narrow lanes over 10-15 minutes each time from the primary commute space.

2. List of Amenities 

Property management groups often promise to provide fully-furnished accommodations but develop stays with only a few basic amenities, such as an AC, dining table, and bed. Check the offered facilities list to help you compare deals better.

3. Condition

At Habitat Real Estate, the in-house property management personnel leave no stone unturned in maintaining the listed properties in top-notch condition. It is always encouraged to cross-verify several elements, like whether the walls are soaking moisture, whether there are any concrete breaks within the kitchen space, and so on.


As you will spend a significant sum to acquire a dream stay, you must evaluate whether it justifies the perceived value. To do this, you first need to understand the pros and cons of rental apartments. Getting this right will help you select stays that accurately meet your needs. Finally, there are many options for apartments for rent in Darwin which necessitates a more purposeful selection.

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