Reasons To Go For  Buggy Rental In Dubai

With its extravagant architecture, luxurious shopping and bustling nightlife it has been a favorite tourist spot. Even though the city has plenty to see and do, a buggy is perhaps one of the best ways for people to get around in Dubai. Dune buggies or sand rails are off road vehicles designed for skimming along desert dunes. In fact, buggy rental in dubai is the only way to see some parts of the emirate. These reasons will make you want to rent a buggy the next time your trip takes you to Dubai.

Experience Dune Bashing

One of the most exciting activities is dune bashing, or driving a buggy over sand mountains. The big tires of dune buggies enable them to speed up even the steepest sandy inclines. While we are driving over the dunes, you can see that this little tiny buggy will tilt, bounce and jump as it travels across the desert. The endless golden dunes are the place for some exhilarating rides up and down as you race to get your adrenaline pumping–this is dune bashing. Taking a ride in the buggy is ideal for getting familiar with trying to find your way over these shifting sands. Take a few hours out to beat the dunes–it’s something not soon forgotten.

See the Desert Landscapes

Riding a buggy enables you to explore far into the desert of Dubai. We drove past dunes, camel farms and Bedouin villages. Take a moment to admire stretches of the sand reaching toward the distance. The buggy can carry you into areas of the desert accessible only to 4×4 vehicles. You go off the beaten path and discover dried-up river beds, rocky outcrops, or luxuriant oasis scenes. The buggy rental introduces a whole new side of desertterrain diversity in Dubai.  

Try Sandboarding

Buggy rental companies also provide sandboarding, which enables you to slide down the dunes on a board. While not all that different from the thrills of snowboarding or surfing, sandboarders find excitement in the fact that their rides take place on ever-changing dunes. Go to the top of a dune, attach a surf board and prepare for something. Balancing and steering on the dunes is a difficult learning process. If you rent a buggy, you can get the most out of your desert experience by going sandboarding.

Visit Camel Farms

There are many camel farms in the surrounding deserts, and a buggy rental is just right for enjoying one. Take a short ride on the backs of camels, learn about milking and breeding camels and take photos with them. On some farms one can even see camel racing and petting zoos. Never fail to appreciate the significance of camels and learn about them at first hand when driving a buggy in Dubai.  

Have a Desert Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and use your rental buggy to discover a scenic spot to enjoy a meal in the desert. Pull up atop a dune or near an oasis for a peaceful meal with panoramic desert views. Many rental companies offer add-on picnic experiences, providing all the essentials you need for a meal under the stars. Savor flavorful dishes while soaking in the tranquility of the endless Arabian sands.

Try Desert Photography

The deserts of Dubai provide amazing scenes to capture through photography. Vast expanses of rippled sand, textured rock formations, wandering camels, and ethereal sunsets are just some of the unique subjects. A buggy allows you to quickly traverse the desert in search of picturesque backdrops. Drive to the perfect vantage point and experiment with different photographic techniques. Many rental companies provide add-on professional photography tours for optimal desert photo opportunities.

Spot Desert Wildlife

As you drive through the dunes, keep an eye out for desert wildlife like camels, antelope, foxes, falcons, and more. With a rental buggy, you can cover more ground to spot these elusive desert-dwelling species. Drive to remote watering holes where animals congregate or look for tracks and trails. Early morning and early evening are the best times to see desert animals when they are more active. Having a buggy rental allows you to venture to areas abundant with native wildlife.

Night Dune Exploration

Most buggy rentals allow you to keep your rental for a sunset or overnight experience. Driving the dunes at night under the starry Arabian sky is an incredible experience. Watch the sunset cast a copper glow over the sandy landscape. As darkness falls, the rolling dunes take on a mysterious vibe. With a buggy, you can find the perfect perch to stargaze, enjoy the peaceful stillness, and admire the moonlit sand. Spending a night in the desert is an adventure made better with a rental buggy.

Visit Desert Camps

Traditional rustic desert style camps are scattered throughout the desert around Dubai. They provide represents genuine hospitality, entertainment, and cuisine. Although a lot of the camps are now covered by 4×4, having a rental buggy of your own gives you greater freedom of movement. Go to and from the camps under your own power. After nightfall, you can also take a buggy to roam the surrounding desert and dunes. Bag and takeoff A buggy rental and overnight desert camp stay combine to form a great Arabian adventure.

High-Speed Desert Driving

Though buggies are not the most comfortable ride on the sand, they do enable you to cut across it at some speed. Ride over dunes, round bends, down straight sections, all the while feeling the wind in the hair. The buggy has a stick shift, so you must know how to drive one. You can’t miss out on having fun too and using the peppy engine of a rental buggy to cruise around the Dubai desert at speed.


One of the best ways to enjoy the glorious desert scenery of Dubai is to rent a buggy. There you can bash off sand dunes, drive through golden sand dunes, and seek out remote parts of the desert with a dune buggy. Regarding a trip to Dubai, you might want to rent a buggy. Another way to make unforgettable adventures and memories is to zip through the desert by dune buggy rental.  

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