Restorative and Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Enhancing Smiles and Functionality

Dental care doesn’t revolve around brushing or flossing your teeth only; it involves different dental procedures to maintain good oral health. Restorative and cosmetic dental treatments are very common to enhance the appearance of your teeth and treat missing or damaged teeth. Restorative procedures such as root canal and crown cost more than cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening.

Today, we will delve into a brief discussion of different restorative and cosmetic treatments for your teeth to understand when you need them. Let’s start this without further ado.

Restorative Dental Treatments

The following are some common restorative dental treatments that are often used to restore your teeth’ structure and functionality.

Dental Filling

Dental fillings are available in a range of materials including resin, metal, ceramic, etc. The main purpose of filling is to eliminate cavities and fill the cracks or holes in your teeth to avoid further attacks. Before filling, the cavities are removed by using different tools and then the crack is filled using your preferred filling material.


A dental crown is an artificial cap on your tooth to restore its structure and functionality. They are often required when your tooth gets damaged due to injury or cavity growth. Dentists take the mold of your teeth and send it to the dental laboratory so that a customized crown can be prepared for your damaged or broken tooth.

Crown is also available in a wide range of materials such as zirconium, gold, silver, ceramic, porcelain, etc. You can choose any type based on your budget and requirements. Your damaged tooth is grinded by the dentists and then a crown is adjusted on it to restore it. A Crown is also required when you opt for dental implants.

Root Canal

Sometimes, the pulp inside your teeth can get infected leading to severe pain and swelling. Root canal treatment is done to reduce your teeth in such conditions. It is performed by removing the infected pulp from your teeth and disabling the nerve endings present there to help you get rid of pain. After that, further treatment is provided based on the reasons behind infections.


Dental bridges are one of the most commonly used options to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dental bridges for one or more teeth can be installed by your dentists. Mold of your teeth is taken to ensure you get customized bridges. You are independent in choosing materials for bridges as they too available in different types.

The installation process is quite simple. Firstly, dentists examine the condition of adjacent teeth and the bridging position. It is done to ensure that they can support the bridge for a long time. Then the bridge is installed by providing support from adjacent teeth from both sides.


Dental implants are required when your tooth and its roots are completely damaged. You can opt for implants to get rid of damaged roots and install a new one to restore the functionality. Getting implants is a long procedure, involving several visits to the dentist. Firstly, existing roots are removed by extracting them. Then the site is prepared for the new implant and finally, it is adjusted. After some days, when your gums and then implant site recover completely, you can get a crown over it to restore the shape of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

These treatments are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth by aligning or cleaning them. The major treatments include are:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. It is often performed to remove stains from your teeth and make them look white and bright. The whitening process involves the cleaning of your teeth and the application of whitening materials to make them look new. Now, you can opt for more advanced Zoom teeth whitening treatment as well. 


Veneers are used to cover imperfections in your teeth. These are thin covers that can hide stains, crooked teeth, and other dental imperfections to enhance the appearance and boost your confidence. Relying on veneers can be an ideal choice as you cannot for removable or fixed ones based on your requirements.


Different orthodontics treatments are also a part of cosmetic dental approaches. These treatments are used to align your teeth to enhance aesthetics. Different types of orthodontics treatments available with braces are the most common type.

The use of wire and chips puts a strain on your teeth and slowly moves them from their place to align them. Apart from that, Invisalign is also used to align your teeth without the need for maintenance as you have to do in the case of braces.

Consult with your dentist before opting for any of these treatments and pay special attention to your aftercare routine.

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