The Complete Guide for Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is a type of writing that provides deep analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of a topic based on empirical evidence. It is quite similar to an essay. On the contrary, it uses statistical data and preexisting research.

The ultimate goal of paper writing is to bring together different views, evidence, and facts about the topic from books and articles. These papers are the bedrock of modern science. Additionally, it is the best way to spread information across the world. 

In this guide, let’s talk about how to write a research paper step by step. This part of the article will cover the correct procedure you need to follow to write a paper. The details are listed below with all the essential steps. In case, you are not able to grab the procedure you may contact paper writing service for aid.

Steps Involved in Research Paper Writing

What if someone asks “Can you write my paper for me”? You should say yes and follow the steps by which you will be able to write a paper efficiently. Although, some of the steps may not apply to particular papers, think of this as more of general guidelines.

Read the Guidelines: 

The first step should be to review the task and carefully read the writing prompt. This will let to know what path you need to follow. Specifically, go through the technical needs which include length, formatting, and citation style. In addition, pay attention to the particulars, such as including the cover page. Don’t leave any minor details about the rules. After all, those set parameters will govern your research paper.

Select the Topic: 

Next comes choosing the topic for the paper. Even though it is a simple step, it is most important. Because it determines everything that follows. The main focus while selecting the topic should be on whether you have enough content related to it. It should neither be too skeptical nor boring. Something in which you are personally interested would be ideal. It will fulfill all the requirements needed for a good topic.

Collect Preparatory Research: 

As the name itself suggests, the sooner you start researching, the better for the paper. You can find information either online or in a library. However, try to use credible sources for the authenticity of the data. There are two types of sources. Primary sources are firsthand accounts like published articles or autobiographies. Secondary sources are opinion pieces like biographies or critical reviews. 

Write a Thesis Statement: 

With the help of preliminary research, write a thesis statement about the research paper. It is the opening line of the paper which acts as a foundation for the topic. A good thesis statement mentions all the necessary parts of the discussion despite revealing many details. Besides, you can also phrase your topic. Make a question and then answer it giving strong evidence. 

Gather Evidence: 

Once you are done with compiling the statement, start gathering evidence. You need to specifically look for information that will be useful for your paper. Isolate the relevant information by reading each source. Always remember to write down page numbers. This would be quite helpful in further steps. Additionally, use cards with facts on one side and information on the other side. It is useful for students while outlining the paper writing.

Outline Your Research Paper:

Start with making a list of all the categories and subtopics you need to include. Then think of the correct order to present the collected information. Moreover, rule out any unnecessary subtopics. The subtopics should interconnected. It creates a flow of reading and keeps the reader engaged. Don’t forget to add your supporting evidence in the outline. Make sure to cover everything important.

Prepare the First Draft: 

After, you are done with the outline, comes the most involved step of writing a research paper. It is probably the longest task to achieve. To begin, open with a thesis statement and then add the secondary information. The body is the soul of your research paper. Divide the body into sections with different headings to facilitate easy browsing. Often it becomes difficult to tie long paragraphs together. Make use of transition words. In the conclusion of the paper restate your thesis, reiterate your evidence, and summarize your findings. 

Cite the Sources: 

Citations are what sets research papers apart from casual writings like essays. Citing your source validates your data. Meanwhile, This procedure itself has a certain set of formatting rules. There are two types of formatting styles known as MLA(Modern Language Association) and APA(American Psychological Association). Citations may seem confusing initially. But you’ll be able to cite your sources once you get your hands on them.

Proofread and Modify Accordingly: 

Last but not least, you need to proofread your draft to correct all the mistakes. Experts recommend going through it twice. First time for structural issues such as the order of paragraphs or adding or deleting sentences. Second time for grammatical issues and spelling checks. Conducting two sessions of proofreading will let to focus on one area at a time. The chances of any errors being left out will be decreased. Make all the necessary modifications in this stage. After that, it will be gone for publishing. 


Research paper writing is an important task for students or scholars to sustain their research background. It is just as hard as cooking and includes a lot of steps. For a good result, care and dedication are needed to write your paper. If you are unable to do so for some reason certain service providers may assist you. 

A research paper, published in a reputed journal paves the way to a scholar’s success. You should do it under expert supervision. You should get help from professionals as this task may take years to accomplish on your own. Paper writing service serve as a helping hand to students globally.

Remember, a delightful research paper can open many doors of success. So it is important to not commit any errors. Stay dedicated to what you want to express.

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