The Native Titan 10.5: Unprecedented Stability in a Smaller Package

In the past few years, sit-on-top fishing kayaks that offer exceptional stability have really grown in popularity, more or less to the point that they have cornered the market.

Generally, the bigger and heavier they are, the more stable they are. But one model – the Native Titan 10.5, is curiously small and marvelously stable.

Here’s what you should know about it.

The Native Titan 10.5 and Stability
The Native Watercraft Titan 10.5 is basically the smaller cousin to the same company’s 12.5’ Titan. It’s a 10.5’, sit-on-top kayak designed for fishermen, made with UV-protected high-density polyethylene and with “plastifoam” technology that improve both buoyancy and stiffness.

Despite the smaller size, the 10.5’ Titan still weighs 121 lbs fully rigged, and is more than stable enough to stand in, for sight casting to or fighting fish.

This is a big bonus for larger fishermen who need a stable platform for effectively targeting and fighting fish, yet, at this size, the 10.5 Titan is remarkably maneuverable and able to slip in and out of tight spaces with ease.

With that said, the size, stability, and maneuverability only scratch the surface of the Native Titan 10.5. It wins on other fronts as well.

What Else the Native Titan 10.5 Offers
The Native Titan 10.5 is loaded to the gunwales with features that benefit fishermen, almost regardless of where they fish or what species they target.

This fishing kayak offers the following design features and benefits:

● A Propel Pedal Drive that allows for easy hands free forward and reverse power.

● First Class Seating with a hand-sewn seat that allows for comfort during long days on the water, as well as easy transitions from sitting to standing. It also features a full-length seat sliding track. There’s even a storage tray underneath the seat.

● Horizontal rod storage that is not only easy to reach, but which features built-in rod tip protection; no more broken rods.

● Split paddle storage so you can keep your backup propulsion means close at hand and secure.

● The Native Titan Propel 10.5 has plenty of room for storage, including dry storage. There’s a bow hatch with dry storage as well as dry stern storage, along with a massive deck storage area behind the seat, with tie downs – plenty of room for tackle, packs, tents, coolers, even decoy bags.

● The design features groove tracks throughout for mounting a variety of kayak fishing accessories.

● A staging rod/cup holder.

● A recess in the hull which allows for easy transducer mounting.

● Intuitive controls and a rudder system with a protective keel.

● A power-pole/micro anchor mounting area, ideal for mooring the rig in shallow water.

● For those that need a stable kayak that will enable them to stand, this fishing kayak has anti-slip standing pads, providing good traction even under adverse conditions.

Also, thanks to the design of the Native Titan 10.5 which incorporates 7 carry handles, loading, launching, and landing the kayak is easier and more straightforward than you might imagine.

Can You Get One Online?
Shopping for kayaks in person is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you get to actually interact with them and see if they have all the features you need.

One the other, you have to figure out how to get the kayak home (no problem if you have a truck) but there’s also the consideration of whether or not the model you want is in stock.

Shopping online (though unconventional for kayaks) helps with that problem. Check out No Bad Days Kayaks online or get in touch with them directly. They offer a peerless customer experience and strive for top-quality shipping, too.

If you have any questions about this or other Native Watercraft kayaks, get in touch with them today.

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