The Role of a Website Developer in Coventry 

From Start-ups to Established Businesses: Who needs a Website Developer in Coventry?

Having a strong digital online presence is no longer a luxury but more a necessity. This is true for businesses in Coventry as well. Creating a website that truly shines requires expertise and that’s where website developers Coventry comes in.

Sometimes bigger companies with vast members of staff will have near own IT and technical teams, but a lot of businesses in Coventry would rather outsource to a team with experience to get the most out of the website developed. There are many ways to onboard an agency or freelancer but making sure they have the right skillset to suit your business is crucial, otherwise you could be wasting a lot of money.

Businesses of all sizes need a website developer, this is from a start-up business to an established business and the needs of the developer could be to gain traction online, reach a wider target audience or drive more traffic to your business.

Different industries also need skilled website developers to help with their website in Coventry. The reason is essentially, you are the specialist in what you do so why learn for years how to do your website and marketing when you should be focusing on what brings you money.

Skills & Specialties: What Makes a Great Website Developer in Coventry?

Coventry website developers have a skill that is in high demand, with years of training and understanding the industry, the skills and specialties of a website developer Coventry can lead to a blend of technical expertise, local understanding and a focus on client success.

Technical Skills

In website development, there is many skills needed, you need the languages to develop the website but also you need the experience and knowledge to make the website fluent and fast. In some more complicated cases you also need the problem-solving ability to make a system that saves you money and time.

Coventry Connections

Our main aim is to keep all business and services local to Coventry, the local market knowledge is a definite for local businesses trying to attract local customers, not only this but if you needed another service, we have the connections to assist with this and to make sure they are locally based in Coventry.

Other Skills for a Coventry Website Developer

From the programming and coding knowledge of a website, you need an eye for detail and design to enhance the beauty in your website and make it feel reliable and suit your business. This includes prototyping, wireframing, graphic design, brand guidelines.

Once the website is completed, we have the knowledge as well to enhance your website in the digital marketing industry, this can include PPC and SEO.

The Additional Services Offered by Coventry Website Developers.

Graphic Design

As a Website Developer, another skill required is graphic design, this can help with wireframing your ideas, designing concepts and delivering essential multimedia for your website to give it that final touch of excellence.


Once your website is developed, you will need to get traction by allowing people to find you online, in this case Coventry SEO for a local SEO company would help to get the right keywords for your business and what your potential customers are searching to assist finding you on search engines like google and Bing.


If you’re looking to target a new market or test to see how customers react to new keywords PPC allows you to be found for keywords your customers are searching through adverts. There are a variety of reasons to use PPC but with the right conversions this can be a great ROI.

Hosting & Maintenance

Having a developer that can support hosting for you takes the hassle of you needing to worry about any technical issues when going live, with website hosting, this is crucial part of website development Coventry, as without this your website will not be public to view online. Website hosting can come in a variety of packages from cheap hosting where you might have speed or reliability issues to very expensive which can be a super-fast and secure server. In most cases for websites and ecommerce website development you would only need standard hosting on a shared platform with some regular updates to keep your website fast and safe and up to date.

Many website developers provide some form of maintenance that guarantees your website will have no issues providing the updates are made, these are very bespoke to your needs as you might want a packaged maintenance deal with SEO and PPC management or some graphic design, its worth speaking to your website developer about this to get the right thing for your needs.

The Rise of Online Stores in Coventry and the Role of Developers.

In the past decade, websites have become a necessity and website development has been a crucial part to improve your business and become more accessible. With websites which can be brochure websites or ecommerce website development, the rise of these stores has become increasingly more popular and competitive. Coventry Clicks has helped numerous websites get online or improve their Coventry website with development.

The Future of Web Development in Coventry: Emerging Trends and Technologies.

Trends are constantly changing and currently we are having the trend of AI, this has made it easier for getting ideas for content and certain development tasks and interacting with customers using AI chatbots.

A couple of other recent trends going on are the website browser cookies policy. Google Ads and Google chrome are pushing a big update against cookies being used and making sure the visitor has full control over the consent provided.

Another trend in website development was the algorithm for SEO required a high website speed score, if you were not scoring above 50 on mobile you would be penalised for this and reduce spaces in your search rankings.

This is a continuously developing space and making sure you are up to date with security as well as offering your customers with the latest tools to make it easier for them to navigate and use your website keeps you above your competitors.

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