Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Solutions for Your Small Business

The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that more than half of IT spending will be cloud-based in some form. Unlock the power of the cloud by finding out a comprehensive range of cloud solutions services. This number could rise by 2020 to 60-70 percent across all communication services, technology, and software. Moving services from on-premise to the cloud has changed the way organizations do business and communicate. It has a lot of flexibility because employees are not tied to a location.

Employees in this digital age rely on smartphones and tablets. Using the cloud for communication gives them the freedom to work together while saving the company money from on-site equipment and maintenance. More and more businesses are switching to the cloud. You will ultimately save time and money by doing this. Take a look at these ten advantages of cloud-based business solutions for your company.

1. Save Money

The biggest advantage of any type of cloud solution is savings. By reducing the amount of equipment needed on the premises, you can say goodbye to expensive maintenance programs and expensive repairs. By moving your communication solutions to the cloud, you can also save significant monthly recurring expenses by converting legacy TDM circuits and analog lines to centralized IP-based trunking.

2. Enhanced Features

Generally, you get more features on the cloud than traditional on-premises solutions. As updates become available, centralized core systems are automatically updated allowing you instant access to the latest and greatest technology and security enhancements. As your needs grow, it can be easily added to a cloud-based model if you want to add additional features like AI, multi-channel, chat, or video functionality to your solution.

Other high-end features include a virtual assistant for the entire company to update messages or push calls to different departments. Sophisticated call reporting technologies can also provide valuable insights into your business allowing you to better serve your customers and continuously optimize your call flow to make your business more efficient. For example, a customer service representative might say, “I saw you called the other day,” and access notes from the last correspondence to make the experience more personalized.

3. Integrated Communication Systems

Cloud communication solutions are designed to provide a unified end-user experience, including a single orchestration point for all collaboration applications. Cloud service providers offer various programs tailored to the end customer that can combine applications into one integrated solution for multiple vendors. Employees can gain access to all of these programs outside the office for even more stability and productivity.

4. Flexibility

With cloud phone systems you will have a lot of flexibility. Cloud solutions give flexibility to your business deployment that includes options for pure cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Cloud solutions also allow your business to up or down services as needed, allowing you to only pay for what you need. You are not as tied to the phone system in the cloud as you are to the in-house phone system.

5. Consistency

The cloud communication solution gives companies with multiple locations the ability to collaborate on a centralized platform. This makes office installation very easy and efficient with a consistent experience for customers. Users will have the same high-quality phone service and the same features, which will allow centralized administration in all locations.

6. Be Mobile

Traditionally, accessing work voicemails or phone calls can be harder if you’re not in the office. Employees often respond to business calls with their personal cell phone number considering it encroachment or privacy and this causes the employer to incur a loss of conversation. With the cloud, you get quick access to handle calls and collaborate just like in the workplace. Cloud solutions support BYOD, allowing employees to use their devices while communicating for work. For the remote employee, they can be connected anytime and from anywhere, reducing the need to physically stay in the office.

7. Improved Security

When partnering with the right vendor, cloud solutions should strengthen your organization’s security. When selecting the right vendor, it is important to ensure that services are carefully monitored with strict safety standards. Your information should be more secure than on-site. 

8. Disaster Recovery

You will never want to lose your business phone system. This is the lifeblood of your organization and should remain available 24/7. Each call can be something important and give rise to new business. With the cloud solution, your messages, call history information, trunking and hunt groups are still up and running if you experience a local outage. Even if your building gets dark, your customers can still reach out to the auto attendant and you can connect from an alternative location or from your smartphone. Your customers deserve a reliable phone system to contact your business at all times.

9. Fewer IT Tie-ups

Your IT department has many areas that they manage – the phone system does not need to be one of them. The vendor will manage your cloud phone system off-site, freeing up your IT staff. The cloud service provider will also monitor your phone system and will be your contact point if you have any problems. No need to remove anyone from an important project for updates or improvements. The seller will manage it all for you.

10. Quicker Updates

You can update phone services on the cloud very quickly. You don’t have to bind your IT resources with cumbersome phone updates when you have to address other issues. Your implementation time is reduced, so you can get to work. Studies have shown that 77 percent of cloud users feel that the cloud has given them a competitive advantage. If your company handles customer accounts or sales, having the right phone system for calls and customer relationships can make a huge difference. You need a reliable service.

Explore the Benefits of Cloud Business Solutions

Having a cloud infrastructure can help streamline your business operations by cutting expenses, ensuring easy maintenance, giving remote access, and more. This is why cloud infrastructures are becoming more and more popular. Cloud phone systems are more reliable, so you won’t miss important customer calls. Review your current phone systems and see if it makes sense to run them on the cloud. Your phone can be accessed wherever the internet is available, so you can continue to do business even after a disaster or let your employees work remotely. You will not have to worry about manually updating the phone and you can customize the phone program according to your business needs.

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