Top 7 Mobile App Testing Companies in the USA

Mobile app testing is a crucial aspect of the development process. Over 71% of uninstallations occur due to app crashes, which shows how important it is to test apps in real-world situations.

An app that works properly will be more productive and get a better user response. Mobile app testing ensures this by assessing apps for security, functionality, usability, performance, and consistency. It also helps businesses build and maintain a good reputation in the market by enabling them to deliver an uninterrupted user experience.

Hiring professional help would be wise. It would get the work done right and in a fraction of the time, while you focus on what’s relevant. 

We’ve narrowed the list down to 7 great options for mobile app testing services. Any of these can be an excellent testing partner, depending on its relevant expertise, whether you’re a startup or an established player in your field.

  1. AppsChopper

AppsChopper is a New York-based company that builds, tests, and maintains mobile apps. It has been in the mobile app industry for over 12 years, having worked with big names from many industries. Its mobile app testing services include functional, usability, performance, security, and localization testing.

The company prioritizes efficiency through a rigorous app testing process. Their diverse expertise stems from extensive experience in several industries. The AppsChopper team has excelled thanks to its comprehensive approach, focusing on quality in every aspect. Its customer-centric mobile app testing services have earned it several accolades and widespread recognition globally.

Founded: 2011

Some Industries served: Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Social Networking

Services: Mobile App Consulting, MVP Development, UI/UX Design, App Development, Mobile App Testing

  1. QA Mentor

QA Mentor is an ever-growing team of experienced quality consultants founded in 2010. It uses proven processes and tools to achieve QA objectives. The company has grown to offer multiple engagement models to support clients with varying needs. Its functional and non-functional testing is extremely thorough, covering several forms of testing, such as white box, black box, and scalability testing.

Founded: 2010

Some Industries served: E-Commerce, E-Learning, Finance & Banking

Services: Core, Automation, On-demand QA

  1. Quality Logic

Quality Logic is a decades-old player in the field of web and mobile applications. The company is known for providing flexible app testing solutions – customized, to be specific. The company has worked with established clients in sectors like Telecommunications and Smart Energy to improve efficiency and ROI.

Founded: 1986

Some Industries served: Smart Energy, Imaging, and 3D Printing

Services: Manual & Functional Testing, Test Automation, Load & Performance Testing

  1. QA Source

QA Source is a reputed mobile app testing company known for its high level of quality, speed, and output. The company boasts over two decades of experience with clients in multiple sectors. The company has successfully helped them scale and speed up the testing process through proactive communication and expertise.

Founded: 2002

Some Industries served: Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Legal

Services: API, Security, Load, Manual Testing

  1. Trigent

Trigent is a comprehensive mobile solution provider known for building responsive native and cross-platform apps. Its team of testers follow set protocols for the testing services they provide, whether it is front-end or security testing. 

Founded: 1995

Some Industries served: Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Logistics

Services: Device-level testing, Emulator testing, Backend API testing, Cloud-based device farm testing

  1. OnPathTesting

OnPath is an experienced service provider emphasizing clear communication, timely delivery, and extended support regardless of project scale. The company has a team of engineers trained to support the complete product cycle of their clients. They are experienced in handling various testing techniques to provide extensive coverage of each app release. 

Founded: 2009

Some Industries served: FinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce

Services: Automation, Performance, Manual testing

  1. XDuce

This company has led its clients toward successful app launches and updates for nearly 16 years. Its professional testers rely on modern QA strategies while working on solutions for global organizations. Each member is capable of using specialty testing tools and best practices to deliver the best results.

Founded: 2006

Some Industries served: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare

Services: Functional, Compatibility, Security testing

Final Thoughts

These shortlisted companies have earned and demonstrated their expertise in mobile app testing services. Choosing the best among these will depend on your specific requirements and each company’s relevant experience.

Make sure you undergo extensive discussions and try to meet the professionals you may work with. It will help you make a decision you can stick to.

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