Wedding Wonders: Fondant Cake Trends for Kolkata’s Grand Celebrations

If you’re planning a wedding in 2024, look into the latest wedding cake varieties. Wedding cake is an excellent method to express your creativity and style on your most memorable day. People no longer desire conventional white cake with piped icing for their wedding celebrations. Couples enjoy colorful, unique cakes with amazing flavor combinations and embellishments. Without a question, conventional white wedding cakes will always be a lovely option for a wedding, but wedding cake and other treats are always evolving. If you find the best cake for  your wedding, there are beautiful fondant cake designs that have gained in popularity in recent years, as well as inventive, new techniques that bakers are happy with.

Are you looking for fondant  cake designs for your  big day? Continue reading to explore the unique and fondant cake trends for Kolkata’s grand celebration. 

Reasons Why Fondant Cake Best for Grand Celebrations:

Fondant is demanded mostly for its look rather than its flavor. It has a mild, sweet flavor, but many couples prefer a layer of buttercream beneath the fondant to improve the overall flavor of the cake. Fondant cake is also popular material for detailed decorations such as 3D figurines, lace detailing, and metallic accents. It is readily tintable to fit your wedding color scheme and has many modification options.

Types of Fondant

Poured fondant

We are sure you’ve seen poured fondant at least once when researching fondant. It is essentially a thick liquid that is commonly poured over pastries and cakes. The best thing is that it is easy to cook at home. Contains water, sugar, and corn syrup. It produces a smooth, glossy cover. After being poured over a cake, it forms a semi-hard, smooth surface.

Rolled Fondant

When rolled, the cake’s exterior surface appears smooth and frosted. This rolled fondant is used to create the beautiful bows and colorful flowers. Rolled fondant can last up to two months if stored properly in an airtight container.

Best Fondant Cake Trends for You:

Fondant Heart Shape Cake 

If you want to buy a  unique cake for your big occasion, this fondant heart cake is a great option. The white cream and fondant are used to create the cake foundation. This cake is adorned with exquisite little red hearts and amazing love tones that look stunning. The link between hearts and wedding anniversaries is clear, and this heart fondant cake is ideal for commemorating this occasion. You may get this cake in a variety of forms and sizes to meet your demands.

Royal Icing Fondant Cake

There are different types of icings out of which royal icing fondant is the best. It is a pure white paste that gets hardened after cooling. It is brittle and hard in nature due to the ingredients used in it. Royal Icing is a perfect choice for decorating cookies and also the best cake choice for your wedding celebration. It is made by whisking eggs in icing sugar and lime juice until it becomes smooth and matte. One can also use meringue powder instead of egg whites because the egg whites have the risk of salmonella. Edible food colors can be used to dye the royal icing.

Whipped Cream

If you want lighter frosting, then whipped cream is a perfect option for you. It is made with cold-whipping and sugar until light and fluffy. You could also add meringue powder for stability. So, enhance your cake by adding flavors to the cream. With the help of online cake delivery in Kolkata you can also get this beautiful cake at your place with the proper packing. 

Cream Cheese Frosting

It is a normal buttercream frosting that has cream cheese added to it. The cream cheese should be added after cooling; then, it works perfectly. For making cream cheese frosting, one needs to maintain the right quantity of sourness and sweetness. It requires soft butter and fresh cream cheese to be blended until it turns smooth and creamy. Once done, then add some vanilla, powdered sugar, and stir in. All it requires is proper stirring and blending to make a perfect cream cheese frosting. 

Fondant Wedding Cake

Fondant compares with clay. It is used in the same way that is by using the kneading method. It is the most sturdy and heavy icing used on cakes that can be molded easily as per your design. The fondant is made of glycerine, water, sugar, gelatine, etc. It can be stretched without tearing and can be used for decorating with the help of carving tools. 

These are the best fondant cake trends that are not only popular in Kolkata but also all over the world for its unique and charming appearance and flavor. This cake is one of the best choices for celebrating wedding occasions

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