What Defines a Strong Legal Research Question for Your Dissertation?

A dissertation proposal is comprised of various essential details and the successful incorporation of all these elements forms an effective dissertation proposal. An effective dissertation proposal is one that gets instantly approved and provides a snapshot of your dissertation project clearly. Students often get dissertation help services when they feel that they might miss any essential element while crafting the project.

When it comes to the execution of a law dissertation proposal then the basic concept and structure of a dissertation proposal remain the same. However; when it comes to research conduction, citation addition, and other such elements then a few changes have to be made accordingly. Whether you want to purchase a law dissertation writing service or want to get the project done by yourself; you need to craft the legal dissertation proposal clearly. The research question plays an integral role in bringing clarity to the project. This post is specifically dedicated to guiding the students to affiliate with all about the importance of a strong legal research question, its way of formulation, and other similar aspects.

Importance Of Research Questions In A Dissertation Project:

A research question is not like any other random question rather it sets the tone and direction for your whole dissertation project. Research questions might take up only 5 to 6 lines of your whole dissertation proposal but the importance of these few lines can be counted as an equivalent of the whole project. It is because:

  • The whole dissertation proposal is focused on the selected research questions.
  • It is because of research questions that you get to divide a project into manageable tasks.
  • Research questions provide a direction for your dissertation project.
  • Your research approach and area of study are explained through the research questions. 

Where To Incorporate The Research Question In Your Law Dissertation Proposal:

Where to incorporate the research questions in a law dissertation proposal? Wel! As per the basic structure of a dissertation proposal. The accurate place of research question incorporation can be understood by comprehending the basic structure of the dissertation proposal, which goes as:

  • Introduction (Provide the context and background of the selected topic)
  • Research questions/objectives (Mentions the purpose and lead the direction of the research study)
  • Literature review ( Gathers the data to support the main argument of the research proposal)
  • Methodology (Offers the research design and approach that the researcher intends to use in his research project)
  • Limitations (Mentions the gaps or the limitations that the specific research study will have)
  • Ethical considerations (States the approval or consent of the participants who will become a part of the specific research study)
  • Time frame (Provides the specific time period that will be spent in order to execute the whole dissertation project)
  • Conclusion (Summarises the whole proposal from stating its research questions to meeting those very objectives in a brief manner)

Characteristics Of A Strong Legal Research Question For Your Dissertation:

It is important to be familiar with the characteristics of strong legal research questions in order to formulate them accordingly. The main characteristics of strong research questions include:

  • The research questions must be clear and can effectively direct the research paper.
  • The research questions must be focused without any vagueness so that the researcher will be able to keep his project precise without going astray.  
  • The questions must be complex so that there will be more scope for quality research, critical thinking, and evaluation of the concepts. Not complex in the use of language.
  • Such research questions must be crafted that can be answerable otherwise the project will become too overwhelming to complete. 

Steps To Execute A Strong Legal Research Question:

In order to incorporate the above-mentioned characteristics in your research questions; you must execute the research questions by keeping in consideration the following elements:

  • The research questions must be practical whether it is the adequate number of participants, the affordable time or money involved, the scope of research, and other such factors.
  • They must be interesting enough to instantly grab the attention of the reviewer or the advisor.  
  • The research questions must be formulated by identifying the gaps in the previous research works; these gaps must either be supported or refuted by the researcher.
  • Such questions must be crafted that will be ethically approved by the faculty. 
  • The relevance element must be kept into consideration while executing the research questions. In the case of legal research questions; it must be relevant to the field of law and its specialisations.  
  • The things you want to accomplish, measure or improve can also be included in the formulation of research questions. 

While you select the research questions; apply different techniques to focus on the specific niche only. Narrow down your topic to a specific point only. It is because crafting such research questions that will be of a different nature even under the same area of study will make it difficult to maintain the focus of the research proposal

Things To Avoid While Formulating Research Questions For Your Dissertation:

While you consider the elements that must be incorporated while crafting research questions for a dissertation proposal; you must also keep in mind the things that must be avoided at all costs in order to formulate effective research questions for your law dissertation proposal. The things to avoid include:

  • Make sure that the research questions that you are formulating are neither too broad nor too narrow. It is because broad research questions might leave the project astray while the narrow questions will not have enough findings for your research project.
  • Ensure that there is no biasedness or pre-made judgements while formulating your questions. 
  • Make sure that there is no use of complex language or vagueness in your research questions. 


Research questions are the main objectives of a research project that lead the direction of the project and form the focus for the whole dissertation proposal. The characteristics of a strong law research question can only be met if the necessary elements are incorporated while formulating them. The above-mentioned post has stated all such factors that will help the students in the formulation of strong legal research questions for your dissertation proposal.

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