What You Should Know About Getting a Tooth Filling in Pennsylvania

If your dentist has diagnosed a cavity and recommended a tooth filling, this is a very common dental procedure that can help prevent further decay and restore your smile. However, with different filling materials and options available, it helps to understand the ins and outs of getting a tooth filled in Pennsylvania.  I would like to thank Haddad Dental, a leading dental clinic in Easton, PA for providing the required information for this blog. Haddad Dental provides all kinds of cosmetic dentistry solutions, like white filling, dental implants, teeth whitening and over all oral health.

This article explores the filling procedures Pennsylvania dentists use, types of filling materials, costs and insurance coverage, and what to expect for follow-up care and longevity.

The Tooth Filling Procedure

The steps involved in getting a standard tooth filling are relatively straightforward:

  • Numbing the Area – The dentist will first administer local anesthesia to fully numb the area around the cavity so you don’t feel pain during drilling.
  • Removing Decay – All the decayed material is then drilled out of the tooth, leaving a cleaned-out “hole” ready to fill.
  • Placing the Filling – The chosen filling material is inserted and shaped to fill the preparation. It is hardened using a curing light or chemical setting process.
  • Polishing – Once hardened, the dentist sands and polishes the filling for a flush, smooth finish with your natural tooth.
  • Follow-Up – You may need a follow-up visit to check sealing, bite alignment, and your recovery.

Advances in dental technology have made the filling procedure relatively quick and comfortable. The numbing and preparation take the most time.

Types of Tooth Filling Materials Used in Pennsylvania

Common filling options your Pennsylvania dentist may use include:

  • Composite Resin – Tooth-colored plastic/quartz blend used for front visible teeth. Matches the shade of your natural teeth.
  • Glass Ionomer – Translucent material used for root cavities and children. Releases fluoride.
  • Gold Foil – Gold metal leaf filling material. Very durable but visible. More costly.
  • Amalgam – Metal mixture of silver, mercury, copper, and other metals. Silver color but more durable than composite.
  • Ceramic – Porcelain material matched for a natural tooth color, sheen, and translucency.
  • Temporary Fillings – Short term fillings like zinc oxide before getting a permanent one.

Your dentist will advise the best type of filling to use based on the location of the cavity, durability needs, aesthetics, and cost considerations. Composite resin and amalgam are the most common options.

Tooth Filling Costs and Insurance in Pennsylvania

On average, expect to pay the following tooth filling costs in Pennsylvania:

  • Composite Fillings – $130 to $250 per tooth
  • Glass Ionomer – $100 to $175 per tooth
  • Gold Foil – $600 to $2,500 per tooth
  • Amalgam – $75 to $195 per tooth
  • Ceramic – $175 to $600 per tooth
  • Temporary Fillings – $30 to $60 per tooth

Verify your dental insurance coverage in Pennsylvania, as most plans cover a portion of tooth filling costs up to an annual maximum amount. You may have a copay of 20% to 50% of the total fee depending on your plan.

Caring for Your Tooth After a Filling

To help your tooth filling last as long as possible:

  • Avoid chewing on the filled tooth until numbness wears off
  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits brushing and flossing daily
  • Rinse with warm salt water to reduce sensitivity or swelling
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication as needed for soreness
  • Wear a mouthguard at night if you grind your teeth
  • Avoid very hot/cold foods and beverages which may irritate it

With proper care, a tooth filling typically lasts 5-15 years before needing repaired or replaced. Report any unusual sensitivity, swelling or bite issues to your dentist promptly.

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Living with a damaged tooth can negatively impact your smile, eating enjoyment, and even overall health. However undergoing a tooth filling procedure with an experienced Pennsylvania dentist can help restore form and function quickly. With advanced materials like bonded composites and lasers, fillings are faster, easier, and more comfortable than ever.

Don’t live with unnecessary tooth sensitivity and discomfort. With proper insurance coverage and dental care, tooth fillings are an affordable solution. Do your research to find a qualified local dentist you trust to examine your mouth and advise the best type of filling. While no one looks forward to drilling, modern techniques make the process relatively pain-free. Renewed confidence in your smile makes it worthwhile.

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