Why Modular Houses Are Getting Popular in Real Estate Sector

Years ago, modular houses were very little appreciated they were not taken into account as a housing option. But, since the coronavirus pandemic, the sale of modular homes has experienced a notable increase.

The new reality has caused at least seventy percent of the world’s citizens to look for new housing alternatives that adapt to post-pandemic needs.

For approximately 4 years, this type of construction has experienced a real boom, gaining the taste and preference of millions of people around the world.  Here we tell you the reasons why these houses are booming.


Perhaps the price of these constructions is the main reason for the increase in modular home sales in recent years.

According to the Modular Homes Maryland kit building experts, although the investment will be considerable, the price of these houses is notably lower compared to conventional work.

The price of a prefabricated or modular house varies depending on the size, finishes, raw materials, and other aspects.

To this average price, you must add the cost of the building land where the construction will be located and the expenses derived from other procedures.

Shorter Deadlines

Another reason for the notable increase in the sale of modular homes is the delivery time. Unlike traditional works, these constructions can be completed in a shorter period.

Although it is an entire process that begins with the project, design, approval of the design, manufacturing of each module in a controlled environment, preparation of the site, and finally assembly, its estimated time is 6 months, half that of a conventional construction that is around the minimum in the 12 months.

Modular Houses Are Comfortable and Versatile

If you have a large piece of land, the best option is a modular house. These constructions offer you the opportunity to add new modules to your house according to your needs.

It is a feature that is usually very well used by the inhabitants of these homes when there is a need for more space due to an increase in the family or, as has happened recently, due to having to work from home.

The option that these constructions give to add new rooms to the home makes them without a doubt the most versatile option to have your ideal home at every stage of your life.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Two characteristics that have increased the sale of modular homes. And caring for the environment is an issue that worries more and more people.

Modular houses are built in a controlled environment and therefore the emission of waste is much lower. In addition, the materials used to build prefabricated houses, such as wood or concrete, are completely reusable.

In terms of efficiency, it is known that modular homes are 75% more efficient than traditional constructions.

For example, if you choose wood as a raw material for your modular house, energy consumption will be lower from the collection of the wood, through manufacturing, assembly, and use.

The Modular Houses Market

The sale of modular homes is increasing and the market is expanding. Some of the national manufacturing companies have a long and recognized history in the construction and design of houses of this type, but in recent years the alternatives have multiplied.

In summary, the price, the minimum deadlines, the reduced procedures, and the energy advantages of these constructions have increased the sale of modular houses in the world.

As the demand for efficient and customizable housing solutions continues to rise, modular homes are positioned to play an increasingly significant role in the real estate market.

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