GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School: Where Every Child’s Journey Begins

In the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo, where the rhythm of life is fast-paced, Global Indian International School (GIIS) stands as an educational beacon, offering a nurturing haven for the youngest learners at its Nursery School.

As a crucial entry point into the world of education, GIIS, a Nursery School in Tokyo is designed to be more than just a place of learning—it is a cornerstone where every child’s educational journey begins.

Foundations of Learning:

GIIS, a Nursery School in Tokyo serves as the initial step in a child’s formal education, laying the foundations for lifelong learning.

The carefully crafted curriculum is tailored to meet the developmental needs of young minds, fostering a love for learning and curiosity about the world around them.

The nursery program places a strong emphasis on creating a stimulating environment that sparks the imagination, encouraging children to explore, discover, and express themselves.

Holistic Development:

The Nursery School at GIIS Tokyo embraces a holistic approach to education, aligning with the principles that guide the IGCSE program.

Beyond academic milestones, the program focuses on nurturing the physical, social, emotional, and creative facets of a child’s development.

Play-based learning takes centre stage, providing children with opportunities to engage in imaginative play, collaborative activities, and hands-on experiences. This approach ensures that learning is not confined to textbooks but extends to every aspect of a child’s growth.

Language and Multicultural Exposure:

In the cosmopolitan landscape of Tokyo, GIIS recognizes the importance of a global perspective, a principle deeply ingrained in the IGCSE program.

The Nursery School introduces children to a multilingual environment, providing exposure to various languages.

This early exposure lays the groundwork for linguistic diversity, preparing young learners to thrive in an interconnected world where communication across cultures is paramount.

Parental Involvement:

GIIS Tokyo understands the significance of a strong partnership between the school and parents in a child’s early education.

The Nursery School actively encourages parental involvement, creating a collaborative ecosystem where teachers and parents work hand in hand.

Regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and engagement in school activities contribute to a supportive network that nurtures each child’s unique journey.

Safe and Nurturing Environment:

Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment is a top priority at GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School.

The school is equipped with age-appropriate facilities, and safety measures are meticulously implemented to create a secure space for exploration and learning.

The caring and qualified faculty members are dedicated to providing individual attention, fostering a sense of security and trust that is essential for a child’s development.

Technology Integration:

In recognition of the digital era, GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School thoughtfully integrates technology into the learning experience.

Age-appropriate digital tools are used to enhance educational activities, preparing children for a world where technology is an integral part of everyday life. This tech-integrated approach ensures that young learners are not just consumers but also creators in the digital landscape.

Preparation for Future Education:

As the first stepping stone into the educational journey, GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School plays a pivotal role in preparing children for future academic pursuits.

The program instils foundational skills, including early literacy, numeracy, and social skills, creating a strong base that paves the way for a seamless transition to higher classes.


In conclusion, GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School is where the exciting journey of education begins for every child.

The program’s holistic approach, focus on foundational skills, multicultural exposure, parental involvement, safe environment, and integration of technology collectively contribute to shaping well-rounded individuals.

By providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, GIIS Tokyo ensures that each child’s educational journey is not just a beginning but a foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, learning, and success.

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