How to choose the Top Primary School in Singapore?

As a parent, it’s quite a task to choose among the many top schools in Singapore for primary school admissions that will benefit your child in more ways than one. Considering the many international curricula offered at these schools, it can lead to even more uncertainty as to which one will suit your child’s learning skills. In … Read more

GIIS Tokyo’s Nursery School: Where Every Child’s Journey Begins

In the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo, where the rhythm of life is fast-paced, Global Indian International School (GIIS) stands as an educational beacon, offering a nurturing haven for the youngest learners at its Nursery School. As a crucial entry point into the world of education, GIIS, a Nursery School in Tokyo is designed to be … Read more

Unlocking Opportunities: The Benefits of International School Admission at GIIS Malaysia

The choice of an ideal school significantly impacts a child’s future, shaping their academic success, character, and preparing them for the world. It’s not just about academic instruction; it also fosters curiosity, creativity, and values that will guide them throughout their lives. Parents and guardians must prioritise holistic development. The doors to unmatched opportunities for … Read more